Saturday, November 15, 2008

"I'm guessing gay people won't get validated..."

... said my more than excited femme as she looked at the back of our parking stub. We both giggled at the poignancy of her comment as we were on our way to our area's contribution to the "Join the Impact: Stop the H8" protest.

This, I must confess was my first "protest". Though to tell you the didn't feel like a protest as much as taking a firm stand. Protest sounds so negative, but in this case, it was nothing but positive. Great people, great message, great cause, and the fact that there were no "haters" certainly helped. A positive all in itself to our cause.

My gal and I went as photo-journalists or "historians" as she calls us. Below are a few of my snaps. Hopefully the better half will add hers too.


Blog Antagonist said...

Great pics! The one with the little boy is very evocative.

the only daughter said...

Fantastic shots.

cris said...

this is the first local march I haven't gone to in years....Thanks for sharing the pix. May not be my town but it is my community!

Anonymous said...

Great shots and I love the name of your new blog. It's perfect.